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Two new videos from New Threads

New Threads has released two new videos for two tracks from their latest album Felonious Wilma. The first of which is an impressive music video for the album's final track, "Strawberry Shake" (no, it doesn't include 'The Camping Song'). The video was directed by New Threads and produced by Miguel Najera. It depicts the trio of Jacob Keplinger, Justin Siegel, and Jake Burdock as they drive in a car. While the concept doesn't stray too far from that, it keeps viewers enabled with clever shots and quality camerawork. The video also features drone footage at the start and end, so look out for that if you haven't already. You can watch the video below.

Secondly, about one week later, the band released an equally as clever lyric video for "The Bread," a track which appears not only on Felonious Wilma, but also on Seymour Butts' Infinity War. The lyric video features the lyrics of the song being presented on literal pieces of bread. It's q…