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New Threads surprise drop third studio album "Felonious Wilma"

The 32-minute album features some of the band's most notable material to date. Listen to the full album and read our thoughts here. 

Yesterday, to the surprise of many listeners, Nashville-based rock quartet New Threads released their fourth standalone single of the year, titled "I Don't Care About My Neighbors Anymore", and teased their upcoming record in a post on their social media accounts captioned "New album next year." Well, when fans woke up in the early hours of 2019, they found that New Threads were not joking when they said next year- because the band's new album had gone live on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital outlets at midnight.

Below are the album's official artwork and a brief review.

Starting off strong with yesterday's single, the explosive "Neighbors" quickly transitions into the fiery lead single "America"- a song that was released alongside a music video back in November (directed by bassist Eric Chalifour). The DIY-soaked single "House Show" follows, before we truly reach the first new song on the album. "The Bread" is a short campfire-esq track that features some of the most blatantly explicit lyrics in the entire New Threads catalog and closes with a harmonica solo from lead guitarist Jake Burdock that places listeners in the canals of Paris. The band's summer breakthrough hit "Alone, Leave Me" kicks off the b-side of the album, before swinging into the band's first try at Top 40 radio in "Bubble".

The final two tracks of the album compile nearly 14 minutes of the album's 32-minute runtime, with "Monuments" (which was released back alongside "Alone, Leave Me" in July) seamlessly transitioning into the stadium-ready closer "Strawberry Shake". And if you listen long enough, there's a short hidden track in the final minutes of the album, titled "The Camping Song".

New Threads consists of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Jacob Keplinger, drummer Justin Siegel, lead guitarist Jake Burdock, and bassist Eric Chalifour. The band didn't shy away from small collaborations on the album, with founding lead guitarist Nick Cheater lending guest vocals in "Strawberry Shake", as well as founding bassist Robby Angelotti contributing gang vocals to "The Camping Song". Former touring keyboardist Will Suarez kicks off "America", and his brother (and former New Threads bassist) Daniel Suarez plays a lead character in the song's video.

Felonious Wilma was recorded by the band themselves at Pink Hat Studios in Nashville, TN. It was produced and mixed by Jacob Keplinger, and the polarizing album cover photo was taken by bassist Eric Chalifour. The album is distributed by Pink Hat Records and ASCAP and physical copies are available through the band's webstore.

And as if the album wasn't enough, the band announced tthe the album's second music video (for "Neighbors") will drop today at 1:30PM CST, and will feature the band playing the song in laundry rooms, apartment complex staircases, and playgrounds- as well as in kitchens, bedrooms, and actual staircases.

You can download or stream the album from, which will open in a new tab and direct you to the album's page on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Track Listing

1. I Don't Care About My Neighbors Anymore 3:43
2. America 3:48
3. House Show 3:10
4. The Bread 2:31
5. Alone, Leave Me 2:11
6. Bubble 3:18
7. Monuments 5:31
8. Strawberry Shake 8:32

You can download the album for free at


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