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Listen to New Threads' new DIY-soaked single "House Show"

New Threads have just released one of the most interesting visual aids in their catalog yet with the new single "House Show", a diss in disguise as a dedication to the band's own DIY scene Ever since New Threads came onto the scene in 2017 with Death in the Afternoon, diss tracks haven't been very absent from the band's catalog. With their first album came the cult hit "Fraternity King", which was about drummer Justin Siegel's freshman year of college roommate. On the last record, smaller disses were made here and there with "Alcohol" and "California Bound", and even this summer the band took a risky route with the single "Monuments" (counterparting a similarly-titled SMLES song that was never released). So now, New Threads return with the diss track to end all diss tracks, on which they name drop Murfreesboro locals The Schwa and Daydream Mayhem (the same band that they stole former bassist Daniel Suarez from), and th…

Pink Hat Records acquires Mesa Dog Records' release catalog since September 2016

In a recent deal that was the result of ownership over Seymour Butts' first album, Pink Hat Records has acquired ownership of every Mesa Dog Records release since September 2016.  This includes Seymour Butts' infamous debut album Seymour Butts, New Threads' debut EP Bootleg EP #1 and Death in the Afternoon, and Jacob Keplinger's The Russ Anderson Mixtape.

This is great news for these artists and these fans, because now the Pink Hat brand is able to move forward with full coverage of our artists' discography.
More information will come shortly regarding physical copies of these albums.