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New Threads announce new lineup changes

In a game-changing two weeks for the band, New Threads has officially announced their new lineup.  In April of 2018, New Threads added a fifth member to their lineup, Will Suarez, to play keys live for the band. But his role soon changed when founding member Nick Cheater left the band suddenly following the announcement of the band's second album. Will Suarez filled in on lead guitar for the album's release show, at which now former bassist Daniel Suarez announced his leave from the band. Will Suarez then left as well, leaving the band just down to founding members Jacob Keplinger and Justin Siegel.
From left to right: Jacob Keplinger, Eric Chalifour, Justin Siegel, Jake Burdock
But now, in June 2018, a new lineup, as well as new press shots by Trevor Wright, have been announced by the band. Jake Burdock and Eric Chalifour now join the band on lead guitar and bass, respectively, and the band is back in the studio. Frontman Jacob Keplinger says they plan to have new music out w…