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Seymour Butts surprise drops second LP, signs to Pink Hat Records

In what feels like a move pulled out of Kayne West's playbook, Seymour Butts have surprise released their second album, titled Infinity War. And with a surprise release, comes a surprise signing.

Seymour Butts are a punk rock duo originally from Intercourse, PA, but now reside in Murfreesboro, TN. The band consists of Russel Anderson and Will Corn, who are two close friends of New Threads, and is their connection to getting signed to Pink Hat. Well known for their cult classic self-titeld debut album, Seymour Butts have returned from the dead to add ten more songs to their catalog.

The album was recorded in 7 hours in May 2018, and features a newer, beachier side to the band that was not heard on the self-titled debut. The album's lead single, "Lost in the Vsauce", is one of the weirder cuts from the album, which has received mixed reviews from listeners. Classic punk tracks like "Alone, Leave Me" and "The Bread" received praise from longtime lis…